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06 / 22

Hoops Suffer Season’s First Loss

WRITTEN BY: Hannah Holliday
PUBLISHED ON: June 22, 2018

EAST LANSING, Mich.- The rain made for a slippery pitch as Lansing United lost 1-2 against in-state rivals, the Michigan Bucks.

“I think a lot of guys including myself didn’t bring an A game and its something we have to work on but we’ll fix it for Sunday,” Nick Strack said.

The Bucks were the first to make it on the scoreboard when Austin Ricci took three strong touches in the 15th minute for a goal on United’s keeper Anthony Mwembia.

Lansing’s only strong scoring opportunity on goal happened in the fourth minute when Zach Tom took a shot from the top of the box.

In the 23rd minute, Joe White subbed in for Mwembia, making a strong save minutes later when David Goldsmith

Second half comebacks aren’t Lansing United’s specialty and United has only completed a second half comeback successfully once against Dayton Dutch Lions earlier in the season.

After a slow start for Untied in the first half, the same starting 10 field players stepped back on the pitch with no substitutions.

In the 52nd minute TJ Ifaturoti proved to be an omen for the Hoops scoring an equalizer off a pass from Leroy Enzugusi.

Ifaturoti also scored a goal equalizer against the Dayton Dutch Lions when Lansing completed their first second half comeback.

Lansing had their second sub of the game when DeJuan Jones entered the game in the 56th minute.

Ebenezer Ackon was dismissed off the field after a second yellow card in the 63rd minute. A minute later United switched their form when Sammy Conti and Alex Sokalski subbed into the game.

“We bounced back after the first half, we got a good talking side and losing Ebby really hurt,” Strack said.

“We have guys that play around the edge,” head coach Nate Miller said. “The team I recruited is really aggressive players and sometimes that wins us games and sometimes these things can happen.”

Kyle Carr with a shot outside of the box in the 65th minute bouncing off Buck’s keeper Lenny Wilson resulting in a corner kick.

In the 69th minute Joe White had a strong save off of Goldsmith’s shot in front of the box keeping the score tied up.

In the 79th minute, Giuseppe Barone came back to haunt his old team with a goal that Joe White could not dive to in time.

In the 84th minute White kept the Hoops at a one goal disadvantage after two strong saves from Buck’s players.

“We had a weekend planned and we have guys who didn’t log a ton of minutes who are going to be really important,” Miller said. “West Virginia’s tough but I think we have what it takes to take it to them.”

The Hoop’s next match is Sunday, June 24th against the West Virginia Chaos at Archer Stadium.