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Kick This Around – A Lansing United Blog

WRITTEN BY: Dave Ellis
PUBLISHED ON: July 10, 2014

By anyone’s measure, this season has been a success for Lansing United. And there’s one group who had a lot to do with it, even if you never know their names.

They’ve been at community events. They hang all the signage and work the ticket lines. They’ve sold you pizza slices. They’ve picked you out of the crowd to participate in a halftime game. They’ve lined you up for autograph sessions. And they’ve even traveled with the team to every match to keep you updated on social media.

They’re our intern staff. And there’s no better bunch in the NPSL.

Many visiting teams brought owners and high level staff to our home matches this season. And every one of them was astounded at what a high level of presentation we showed every time. Some of the credit goes to owner Jeremy Sampson, who hand picked each one from a field of applicants. Every one of them was a good choice.

One of my favorite moments of the season didn’t even come on the field.

It came from an idea from an intern.

After the first home matches, we were looking for something different as a halftime activity. It needed to be interactive with the fans, provide a reward, and be easy to run and quick to finish. Jeremy decided to drop this scenario in the laps of our marketing interns, and they came up with the three-legged race that you’ve seen already and you’ll see again this weekend. It’s simple, it’s fun, and the fans in the stands have a vested interest in the winner too – since a win by the team representing their section brings the free t-shirt throw.

Our four media relations interns have blown away every other team in the NPSL. No other franchise has the online presence of Lansing United, thanks to what this quartet has accomplished. One of them even subbed in as the public address announcer for our match on the 4th of July, and I’m actually surprised that I got the job back after hearing how well he did.

Most will work their final games for Lansing United this weekend. Some may be back next season, and we’d be lucky to get them. And we’ll have another great crop, but they will owe something to this original bunch in the neon green shirts. I couldn’t be more proud of the professional job they have done.

They don’t get paid for any of this. We’ve only given them the chance to learn on the job and gain experience. And each and every one has performed to their highest level with a smile to boot.

So when you see them at this weekend’s matches, it would be great if you gave them a high-five. Or a pat on the back. Or a thank you. But just your smile and enjoyment is what they’re all looking for, and we hope you won’t even have to think about that.

Thanks, interns. We couldn’t have done it without you.