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04 / 20

Kick This Around – A Lansing United Blog

WRITTEN BY: Dave Ellis
PUBLISHED ON: April 20, 2015

“I heard you missed us, we’re back!”

– David Lee Roth

It’s a throwaway line from the background of a Van Halen song from the mid 1980’s but it certainly applies for all of us at Lansing United.

We were all overwhelmed at the amount of support and interest in our first season in 2014, and we’re excited to see what 2015 holds for the club.

But in keeping with the music industry theme, there’s an old adage that you have your entire life to put out your first release – and then only a year to do it all again. It’s exciting and terrifying all in one shot.  We’re ready to release that second album.

The successes of our first season came in almost every area, in things we controlled and things we didn’t. Our players performed at a level that any coach would have been proud to see. We saw hundreds of fans smiling as they came into our matches, and also smiling on the way out after they enjoyed their time with us. And the weather for every home match was just about perfect. Can all those things come together again?

We’re looking forward to welcoming back many of the players who contributed to our run last summer. You’ll recognize many of the names as the roster is released in the days leading up to the start of practices and exhibition & friendly matches. These veterans have also been a big help in attracting some of the new talent you’ll see on display, after they were able to tell the story of what a great place Lansing United is to play. And those returning players all pointed to the fans as one of the main reasons their experience was so enjoyable.  Hopefully you’ll find our new players embrace all the club means and they’ll be some of your new favorites as well.

Many of you had suggestions for us to improve the gameday experience for the fans in our second season. We’re committed to making the time you choose to spend with us enjoyable and meaningful, and you’ll notice some changes that we hope work toward those goals. Without you in the stands and along the sidelines, we’re just another team – so consider yourselves partners in this whole endeavor. And as your partner, the club is committed to giving the best fans in the NPSL the best from us.

As far as the weather? Not much control on our parts there. If you have anti-rain dances or warm weather thoughts, by all means give them a try.

After all, if an expansion team can make it all the way to the national semifinals, anything’s possible.

See you at Archer Stadium soon.